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FM Consultants ERP specializes in ERP solutions for distributors and ERP optimization for manufacturers. We started as an independent company optimizing ERP systems for the Quebec manufacturing industry and have now become a business software consulting firm that attracts leading ERP system designers.
We offer quality services by carefully listening to and understanding the needs of our clients.

Our services

FM Consultants ERP offers various services to support industrial distributors and OEMs, from cloud-based ERP implementation to supply chain management. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business, our experts can help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Nos services

A cloud-based solution for an intuitive user experience.


Our partners build industry-specific cloud solutions to meet evolving business needs. 

Data reliability is crucial


Are you losing operational efficiency? The right choice of ERP system allows companies to manage their processes more efficiently. 

Do you need an external resource?

We know that recruiting can be difficult, so we temporarily offer help for the following positions.


“The new company FM Consultants ERP was able to meet our needs very quickly. When Flora visited our plant, we immediately appreciated her dynamism and attentive listening skills. She demonstrated her expertise in our ERP system and provided remarkable support to each of our employees with great patience. Today, we can see a significant improvement in our operations report. Thank you very much for your excellent work.”

Operations Director,
A Laval SME

Why FM?

FM Consultants ERP is the result of hard work by professionals passionate about supply chain management and information technology.

The effective use of information technology can help companies improve their efficiency and effectiveness. However, three out of four companies still use manual purchasing, production, distribution, and delivery processes.

We are here to help you become more efficient, productive, and competitive and to achieve outstanding results. This is the advantage of the fourth industrial revolution. If you are ready to make this digital transition, please contact us.

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