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Cloud-based ERP solutions

Transition from outdated legacy systems to modern, agile solutions.
Our partners design industry-specific cloud solutions to meet evolving business needs.
At FM, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs. Since every business has unique requirements, we have expanded our portfolio of ERP solutions to help you, as an analyst, find the most suitable system.

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Our partners

FM primarily focuses on the manufacturing industry, helping small and medium-sized businesses choose the ERP systems best suited to their needs. Our customers often face challenges in traceability, production and inventory management, financial management, human resources, and asset management.

With our customers at the center of our vision, we collaborate with leading vendors and integrators to offer a complete range of solutions.

We believe that industrial success depends on selecting the right ERP system. Our mission is to improve our customers' operational efficiency. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

How it works

Fill in our self-assessment questionnaire and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Step 1 is free of charge. 

Step 1


  • Exploratory visit 

  • Understanding Your Needs and your Processes

  • Visit report 

Step 2

Feasibility study 

  • In-depth needs analysis

  • Budget analysis 

  • Project documentation

Step 3

Call for tenders

  • Meeting with potential partners.

  • Sorting and selection

Step 4


  • Complete the specification

  • Project launch

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Why FM

FM stands for "Faire mieux" in French, "Do Better" in English, or "Flora Mengue," the founder's initials, whichever comes to mind.

Our methodology

Our services, including ERP solutions, outsourcing, and continuous improvement projects, are customer-focused. We work closely with our clients, from strategy development to solution deployment.


We develop strategies together.


We work with all stakeholders. 


We ensure that you are autonomous when we finalize the mandate.

Does your ERP system need optimization?

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