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As a leader in the manufacturing industry, you know that a lack of employees can considerably impact your production and your business as a whole. At FM Consultants ERP, we understand that recruiting qualified employees can be daunting. That's why we have created a personalized operational support service to help you maintain your productivity.
Our team of professionals has extensive knowledge of the most commonly used ERP systems in the manufacturing industry. We can take on some key positions in your supply chain to assist you. Contact us now for more information.

Businessman or engineer working on business process automation or algorithm with flowchart

Business Analyst - ERP project

Starting a new technological project but need a business analyst? Don't worry; we are here to help you tackle this challenge.
As the liaison between IT and business, we assess your company's needs and ensure the project meets your organization's requirements. We'll make sure you get the expected benefits.

Continuous improvement consultant - ERP

As continuous improvement consultants, our mission is to optimize your operational performance. With our expertise in analysis, problem-solving, and change management, we can assist you in implementing sustainable solutions. We use proven visualization tools and methods like process and value stream mapping. Our main objective is to help you achieve optimal operational efficiency. You can rely on us to guide and support you throughout this transformation process.

Travailleurs à l’ordinateur d’entrepôt

Purchasing and production planning

Ensure the continuity of your production despite the lack of employees in procurement and planning through our expertise in supply chain management. We help you optimize every step of your process, meet production and delivery deadlines, and boost the performance of your business.

We can also review your planning processes and provide the necessary tools to make your supply chain more efficient.
With our Lean tools and experience, we reduce procurement and storage costs while minimizing waste.

We also thoroughly check your ERP system to ensure its proper functioning. All of this while taking on the purchaser or production planner roles.

Do you need an external resource?

Some testimonials


“The new company FM Consultants ERP was able to meet our needs very quickly. When Flora visited our plant, we immediately appreciated her dynamism and attentive listening skills. She demonstrated her expertise in our ERP system and provided remarkable support to each of our employees with great patience. Today, we can see a significant improvement in our operations report. Thank you very much for your excellent work”

Operations Director,

A Laval SME


For a year now, FM Consultants ERP has supported us with incredible professionalism. FM Consultants ERP is not a consulting firm. Instead, it is a firm of specialists who know the operational use of our Epicor ERP system perfectly.

Jean-Charles Raillat,
COO & Executive VP - DCM Group


“ Flora is very professional and is quick in understanding our needs. Thank you.”

Giuseppe Mastrangelo,

Logistics & Quality control Manager - DCM Group


“ Flora is a true professional. Her experience and work ethics are excellent”

Steve Goldman

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