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Jeunes entrepreneurs

A path paved with courage, determination, and passion for our profession. 

July 2019

After visiting several manufacturing companies and observing the operational difficulties they were experiencing with their ERP systems, our founder, Flora Mengue, developed a plan: to help these companies better leverage the potential of their technological solution. She experimented with part-time consulting from July 2019 to January 2021.

February 2021

Having noticed a recurring problem of erroneous transactions that affected data reliability, Flora Mengue decided to offer her operational support services to remedy the situation. To her great surprise, her former manager offered her a full-time contract which began in February 2021.

July 2021

Intending to create her own business, Flora Mengue wants to focus on performance and the effective use of technology. So in July 2021, she founded FM Consultants ERP Inc., an independent company that optimizes ERP systems.

December 2022

Based on feedback from potential clients, the company decided to review its strategy and partner with top ERP system designers in its target markets. As a result, FM Consultants ERP joined the Infor partner network in December 2022. Infor is a leader in designing industry-specific ERP systems.

Who we are 

FM Consultants ERP is a start-up that offers ERP solutions in SaaS mode for the distribution sector and ERP optimization services for the manufacturing industry. We provide our clients with modern technological solutions that will help improve their productivity and operational efficiency and enable them to use industry data to make better strategic decisions. Focused on knowledge and performance, FM Consultants ERP  continues to grow as an organization.

Meet the team

Project management team

Professionals passionate about operations and logistics management, and engineering.

Technical team for software development and engineering.

Technical team in industrial, aerospace, and mechanical engineering.

Our values



Our methodical approach promotes the proper use of the ERP system.


We respect our customer's norms and standards.


Customer success is our most incredible pride.


Integrity dictates our ability and willingness to uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and fosters a relationship of trust with our clients and partners.

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