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Announcement of our new logo

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new visual identity.

Since its creation in 2021, and in our desire to advocate a culture of continuous improvement, we have carried out a series of actions to carvene our place in the market. First, we refreshed our logo to reflect who we are, our vision, and our values.

We loved our old logo with an authentic hourglass symbolizing our character, a dichotomy we resolved by keeping the hourglass symbol but giving it a modern shape.

Nouveau logo de FM Consultants ERP Inc.
FM Consultants ERP Inc.


A symbol representing our foundation

The new hourglass symbolizes the innovative strength and youthfulness of the company.

In addition, a symbol represents our company's roots since it was founded and managed by a young woman.

The hourglass in the shape of a woman reminds us that time passes and does not return. And through this time, our society is constantly evolving; yesterday's reality is different from today's. So likewise, the ways of thinking and the mores evolve with time.

An inclusive world

We are a much more inclusive society, focused on the green economy, and developing new skills and technological advances.

Time also illustrates our courage to adapt to these changes and our need to understand technology to use it effectively.

The orientation of the sand grains

The vertical orientation of the grains of sand highlights our adherence to various schools of thought and our business partner selection strategy.


The navy blue color underlines our serenity and clients' trust in us to complete their mandates.

Time to make changes

We ask for your patience as it will take some time to make all the changes. However, you may continue to receive or use our marketing materials with the old logo.


What do you think about this change?

Do you have any comments, questions, or remarks? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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